Sworn Statements Provided From Those Suffering With Sciatica Who Found A Long-term Answer.

These are some transcribed experiences of folks that suffered with sciatica, see if you can find some useful info from their accounts: (all patient names have been anonymised)

Mr P:

I had been handling back and leg discomfort for many years. I had been living alongside such agony that it I knew I had to try something different and fresh. It was after I’d helped my daughter move her things to school, that I awakened experiencing awful discomfort in my back. The pain moved down my leg to my toes with a nasty shivering sensation that wouldn’t shift. In the following few weeks I visited Osteopaths, massage specialists, I actually had some sessions of physio. The best reply I received was from not sitting down for too long and having my back clicked. Though to start with that was quite a horrible experience! Since then, I’ve attempted my toughest to keep my back in good shape by doing routine exercising and stretching. It seems to work. This experience made me think how crippling this condition can be. If I’d wished to do something in an emergency I might have struggled and that isn’t something I need hanging over me, I’m sufficiently old as it is!

Mr A:

I used play rugby in school and I know more than a couple of times I played through back trouble. It was something in that industry everybody had to do at some specific point. When I hit 32 everything appeared to change in my back. What was a low level ache became excruciatingly painful, especially after sitting. Unfortunately I was doing a lot of sitting in my day to real job. It made work so tough to the point I Had to take time off as the agony was literally tear engendering. One morning I sneezed and the pain shot down my leg, causing me not being able to stand! At this point I became desperate for a solution. I took countless pain relievers which got me back to work but didn’t stop the pain coming back in the morning. I at last found a personal physio who put me on a strict regime of exercise and hands on treatment. After 6 months I feel a lot better. There is still plenty of work to do, but I’ m just content that I finally found somebody who could help.

Joshua Moffat is a successful osteopath that has helped one or two people suffering with sciatica at The Atlas Well-ness Centre.

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