Find Great Gray Hair Styles To Complement Your Current Appearance

Having prematurely graying hair can seriously affect someone's self esteem. If you are starting to feel the same about yourself due to the current state of your hair, it's time to switch your appearance.

Rather than stressing about your grey hair, why not use it to make yourself look rather more beautiful than before. In todays conversation I'm going to be sharing with you some great gray hair trend. Pick one that suits your look and visit your hairstylist today.

Styles for girls

Short and Sophisticated. Adding a darker shade to your gray hair to make a salt and pepper appearance frequently softens the ageing cause of grey hair. Hair can be trimmed short, and layered to emphasise the form of the head and the natural wonder of the eyes.

Long soft curls. recommended for nape-length hair, ask your hairdresser to make soft, loose curls at the sides. Sweep your bangs to the side in order that they cover your forehead, but stress your eyes.

Long curls with dark highlights. If you have shoulder-length hair, ask your hairstylist to apply a dark highlight and curl about 60% of your hair. A gray streak close to the forehead will highlight the form of the face, making your hair sexier and younger.

Straight and sassy. Refer to the instructions for Long, Soft Curls but avoid the loose curls altogether. You still have to sweep the bangs to one side, making a sort of window between the side of your bangs and one side of your hair.

Wild sweep. Trim your hair short and sweep the hair right and left, making a slight wave effect. No necessity to keep things too tidy the wild look makes it an ideal haircut for those with thinning hair also.

Raised, Rounded Curls. If you have thick and naturally kinky hair, why not emphasise it. Raise your rounded curls, and let the world marvel at your beautiful silver hair!

Styles for men

Complicated Man. If you have thinning grey hair and a slightly receding hairline, you can make yourself look more youthful by keeping the sides straight and short and by raising the top crest of your hair. An easy comb-back will achieve this effect for you without the necessity for hair styling products.

The Beard. Grow your beard to a little thicker five oclock shadow, and darken the top crest of your hair to stress the graying of the sides. Top should be swept up as much as practical to produce as much volume as you are able to.

Tornado Sweep. If you have long and thick hair, don't let it all down. Instead , sweep the hair back to produce incredible volume at the very top. Sweep back the sides also. If you happen to have got a beard to match, let your beard grow out to about half an in. to stress the center-point of your face.

Inverse Tornado Sweep. This is the direct opposite of the Tornado Sweep. Sweep the hair to the front, and create sharp wedges that move towards the center.

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