3 Teeth Whitening Options

Having sparkling white teeth has its advantages. As an individual, you feel more confident to smile if you know you have beautiful teeth. These past several years, different teeth whitening procedures and products have been introduced to the market. Which of these solutions actually work best? Read on and learn which one is most effective for you. Besides, you also need to compare cost of teeth whitening to ensure that you choose one that matches your budget.   


First in the list is the tooth whitening strip. Compared with other options, this is likely the most accessible. You can pick this up at most grocery stores in your area. This is also the most affordable. These strips are available for a cheap cost. However, take note that this can only boost the color of your teeth a little. This will not be a good alternative if your teeth requires several shades before it can get really white.


Tooth whitening gel trays are another popular product among consumers. The huge difference here with strips you buy at the store is that your dentist will make trays that are specifically designed to fit your mouth. The special tooth whitening gel will be personalized to fit your needs. Comparing it with strips, this is obviously a better pick. You can wear these tooth whitening gel trays for about 1 to 2 hours. Wearing them is very comfortable and so you can be assured that your daily activities will not be affected in a negative way. The process often requires at least 1 to 3 weeks until you get the desired results.  


Lastly, laser teeth whitening treatments are both the costliest and most effective. This dental procedure is so simple it only takes about an hour and a half at the dentist chair. Your dentist will only leave your teeth exposed while your gums and lips are covered. Next, a whitening gel will be applied to be followed by the laser which penetrates your teeth to break the discoloration. You can only get the best package as you compare cost of teeth whitening from various cosmetic dental services. That way, you will be able to get the best package that brings you the best outcome.




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