Cosmetic Dentist San Antonio How To Fight Cavities

Due to too much lose of its mineral content that causes it to form a hole, tooth decay occurs in any location of the tooth. The common name for this condition is “cavity” formation. Too much oral bacterial infestation in the mouth which can also be the cause of tartar development is the cause of tooth decay.

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Tooth decay is also caused by a constant loss of calcium. Once the calcium is leached, the tooth’s enamel, dentin and cementin are dissolved away forming a black hole in the affected area.   The process known as “demineralization” is a process in which the calcium content of the tooth can be lessened.

Severe pain which can affect your whole body mentally can be caused by tooth decay. It is only natural that we take good care of our teeth to prevent it from decaying. To help prevent cavities a mineral that has been proven to help is fluoride. Brushing and flossing after each meal, getting regular dental cleanings and check-ups by a dentist, and making sure your drinking water contains fluoride is the best way to prevent tooth decay.

You may be wondering how fluoride can prevent tooth decay. When fluoride comes into contact with the surface of your teeth it helps to prevent the bacteria found in plaque from dissolving your tooth enamel. Whether you have been drinking your recommended eight glasses of water a day is a question that should not surprise you from your doctor at your next dental check-up. Fluoride plays an important role in healthy tooth development in children and cavity prevention for all and it naturally occurs in water.

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If you discover that your water does not contain the recommended amount of fluoride to aid in the prevention of tooth decay, you should talk to your family’s dentist about your options. Regular fluoride treatments may be administered by your dentist In his or her office. Your dentist may also recommend a fluoride rinse to be used at home daily. Fluoridated bottled waters are also available to be used in conjunction with your dentists treatment.

Our teeth are protected by saliva by its action of diluting the acid, washing down food debris and mineralizing enamel. The erosion of enamel sooner or later leads to cavities or caries even though this mineralization is slow. Most cavities are initially “silent”. A large part of the damage is already done by the time pain sets in. The decay will spread to the dentin and pulp and destroy the rest of the tooth, including root nerves if left further untreated.

Of great importance is a balanced diet. Food rich in calcium like low fat dairy, and also fruits and vegetables loaded with Vitamin A and C boost dental health as teeth are mostly calcium. As sugars and carbohydrates are easily consumed by bacteria too much of sugary and starchy foods are bad for teeth. Foods that are not easily cleared by swallowing or rinsing like sticky foods like caramel are also not good. Acidic foods like citrus fruits, grapes etc can also dissolve enamel. Rinse your teeth thoroughly after you have eaten them.

Some things are best left to experts. A dentist can detect even small cavities only beginning to form and if needed he can take a dental X-ray to spot problems.

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