Monroe Family Dentist Dispell 10 Stories Of Modern Dentistry

In spite of major advances in dentistry, numerous tales seem to linger on. One might get tempted to label these misconceptions as a plain nuisance but , sadly, it goes deeper than that. Folks who hold to stories (either as a result of a nasty experience they had as a kid or because they have trusted erroneous sources) are much more likely to avoid regular oral care and put off badly-needed treatments.

Such call can be costly, claims your Belmont dentist, if they pertain to teeth unnecessarily lost or wanting intensive repairs, loss of pride (due to ugly teeth), or, in worst case eventualities, otherwise simple issues leading to serious health conditions. Here are 10 common myths:

  • Loud, menacing-looking dental drills are unavoidable.

The reality is that dentists today are no longer compelled to employ a drill. Safer, less-noisy possibilities (like air graze and Waterlase) can be employed instead of drills. Waterlase, for instance, using hydrokinetic technology, can do many of the things for which drills used to be required.

  • Bitewing X-rays are just costly, unnecessarily fancy ways for dentists to test for cavities.

What some patients do not get is that your Top Monroe Dentist, in an attempt to conduct exhaustive exams, often looks for issues before plain, distressing symptoms appear. These can include gum disease, infections and even malignant growths.

  • Aggressive, dangerous surgical procedures are unavoidable.

Laser dentistry, while not yet able to completely remove the likelihood of standard surgery, is a realistic options nowadays for things like biopsies, gingival contouring and frenectomies.

  • Oral cancer is too rare to be worried about.

It's been calculated that 1 American loses his/her life to oral cancer every hour. This is hardly something to be ignored. The better news , however , is that, if detected early, oral cancer is probably one of the most-treatable (with best outcomes) of all cancers.

  • Oral examinations are only about finding cavities and teeth that need to be pulled.

This is some distance from the honest truth. Your Monroe dentist not only wants to prevent issues but also sense major things like gum illness, pointless wear/tear of teeth (e.g, bruxism, or teeth-grinding), TMJ, oral cancer, and so on.

  • Cavities, particularly for kids, simply cannot be avoided.

While no precaution or methodology can make sure that cavities will never form, a number of proved strategies can greatly cut back the possibility of ever getting cavities. This includes the applying of fluoride polish and special coatings.

  • The choice for fillings are restricted to pricey metals (e.g, gold) or inexpensive resins.

In fact the options are very sundry; they can include harder, more-long-lasting metals, to ceramics, glass composites, and so on.

  • Lightening toothpastes are generally a sensible idea.

Everyone should consult a dentist before making use of such products as bleaching toothpastes. Some of these products contain really abrasive chemicals that actually harm the enamel of teeth, therefore causing persistent problems.

  • Teeth are hard like bones and are , therefore , not specially fragile.

In actual fact says the dental office in Monroe, teeth contain a softer center; when the enamel that surrounds this soft center is compromised, disease can set in rather easily.

  • Only youngsters and wimpy folks fear the dentist.

In actual fact anyone that had a horrible experience perhaps as a kid may become a dentophobe; adults as well as youngsters can surrender to baseless fears.


Everyone wishes on-going, comprehensive dental care. Folks are likely to seek such if they can overcome common myths.

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