What Are The Common Causes Of Anxiety In Children

Anxiety in children, in many instances, are caused by their poor surroundings. In some ways, unfortunately, we can say that anxiety is imposed upon them. There are certain medical conditions that a child is naturally born with that can lead to anxiety disorders, but there are quite a number of external factors that can yield serious anxiety problems that can manifest into serious psychiatric disorders in children. Sadly, many of these problems that can be avoided are not avoided either due to neglect or misunderstanding. Such instances need to be examined in order to arrive at a clear understanding of the problem.

Forced Overachievement As A Source Of Anxiety In Children

Sometimes, parents will push their children too hard and too fast and this can yield some sincerely negative results. Many times, parents think they are doing the right thing (as the saying goes), but the end result is something so negative the parents must be blamed for being the source of the anxiety disorder. Consider the following all too common scenario: demands are placed upon a child to make honor roll in school and when the child does not earn honor roll but only very good grades the child is punished. This is a sad situation because very good grades are quite an accomplishment and, while there is always room for advancement, sometimes it is the best a child can do. Now, when parent ridiculously become angered at not making the honor roll, they are serving no purpose to the child other than harm. Sadly, this source of anxiety in children is all too common.

Bullying As The Root Of Anxiety In Children

Bullying is a sad, yet common situation that will negatively impact a child’s mental state. When a child is bullied in school, it is up to the school to create an environment free of harassment. If not, then there is serious potential for danger in terms of the child developing an anxiety disorder. If this becomes the case and the school has not protected the child, it is possible to seek civil action as a punitive measure.

Media Pressure And Anxiety In Children

A common cause of anxiety in children is a feeling of inadequacy that develops when the child cannot live up to the idealized concept of perfection that the media often forces upon them. The key to defeating this is maturity, but children are not mature by their age alone. As such, it becomes important that an adult authority figure step in to education the child as to the realities of media imposed notions of perfection that are not based in reality.

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