Reasons Protein Shakes Are Currently Popular

There’s always someone guzzling a bottle of protein shake or carrying a travelling mug filled with it everywhere you look these days. With everyone being encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle in the face of the challenging economic climate, it is no surprise that every Tom, Dick and Harry as well as Mary, Jane and Frannie are all packing some sort of meal replacement bar or drink just to get through the day.


If you want to lose weight, build muscles or just get your required intake, protein shakes can help you but not when it is all you ever eat and misusing it all the time doesn’t guarantee any good results. Thinking that an all-liquid diet can help you lose weight faster is right but you have to realize that the results are short-term and you can pack on the pounds faster than you did before.


In the old days, protein shakes were mostly aimed for regular gym goers and bodybuilders because they need protein particularly after their intense workouts to help their muscles recover nicely. Whey protein shakes were especially popular at that time and they were also seen as more convenient than having to eat a protein-rich meal all the time.


The ordinary folk discovered that they too can partake of protein shakes even if they were not built like Arnold Schwarzenegger and that made it more appealing. In addition to being a good source of protein, those who worked long shifts also attested to the fact that it filled them up so they weren’t often hungry.


The thing is, in order for these shakes to properly work their magic it has to be coupled with a good exercise routine. You’ll need protein if you exercise, train or do intense workouts regularly to help build your muscles and help them recover from any damages or tears. Athletes who require nourishment post training consider protein shakes their easiest source of protein. If you are a bodybuilder, you will need one that has more protein than carbohydrates and fat and vice-versa if you are trying to lose weight although ideally, your protein content needs to be at least 50% more than carbohydrates with very little fat content as possible.


In addition to their right combination of carbohydrates and protein for repair and rehydration, another reason why protein shakes rose from relative obscurity is the fact that we all love quick fixes. Fast results and the fact that it accelerates the process of weight loss and muscle growth are why supplements can be very attractive even though we know a good diet is always the key.


Whether you go to an online or brick-and-mortar store, you can find protein shakes anywhere. While it can be challenging to choose the best ones, always read the label and make sure that you get the amount of protein that meets your fitness goals, no more no less.


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