The Venus Factor Weight Loss Diet For Women Who Are Overweight

Many women around the world have continuously struggled with weight loss and considering the many health issue associated with being overweight and the societal emphasis on looking good and attractive, it is only normal for women globally to want to lose excess fat and get that great body shape that would wow anybody.

There are a number of reasons for the increasing incidence of obesity around the world.

One of them is the unhealthy eating habits that have consumed many people around the world.

Another is the sedentary lifestyle and a significant reduction in the attention paid to our health which could be attributed to the busy schedule of people globally.

All these have resulted in the increase in number of ailments such as stroke, heart attack, and even cancer.

The case is even more concerning for women who have found it more difficult to lose weight as compared to men.

The primary factor behind this disparity is the Leptin hormone.

This point is often neglected in most weight loss program and this makes the Venus Factor different from the hundreds of fat loss programs around.

The program helps to tackle the problem of weight loss and body shape for women around the world.

Most weight loss programs take a generic view of the problem which favours the men over the women. Both genders have different body systems and such respond differently to the same phenomenon.

The Leptin hormone is in control of the body’s ability to burn fat. Thus, increasing the level of this hormone in the body will ultimately lead to weight loss as metabolism in the body is increased.

Even as women have double the amount of Leptin in the body as compared to men, the problem of leptin resistance and drop in the leptin levels in the body makes it even more difficult for women to lose weight.

The Venus Factor Diet program designed by John Barban has been able to focus on these two points to develop an effective program that helps women to get rid of unwanted fat in the body and give the body an attractive shape.

Comprising of an eating guide, workout routine manual and schedule, and detailed videos of how to effectively workout to lose weight in 12 weeks, this program has been carefully designed to cater to the lots of women wanting a “perfect” body shape.

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