Eyebrow Restoration… Does It Really Work?

No-one ever notices your eyebrows right? However if you have thin or absent eyebrows you can make sure that you'll get unwished-for attention. Eyebrow restoration is the only permanent solution, it is hands down the simplest way to replace or touch up your eyebrows. Eyebrow restoration uses the exact same strategy that Virginia Surgical Center uses for hair loss. A touch of hair is removed from about the ear area and transplanted to the eyebrow area. The whole procedure takes approximately 2 – 3 hours.

Creating The Perfect Eyebrows

Most do not realize that eyebrow restoration is so much more than just a medical process, it is also an extremely inventive process. Each of your eyebrows are scalped and designed wonderfully based mostly on the form of your face. This procedure also has to take into consideration other facial features. A trained doctor will consider the arch shape, suitable thickness of the brow hairs, the space between the brows, as well as the brow length.

Informed Folk Prefer Eyebrow Restoration

Sure there are more solutions that you can select? There is tattooing, and dying just to cite a couple of the popular attempts at finding a solution. The difficulty with many solutions, is that they fail to give you that natural look, and they tend to fade over time.

With eyebrow restoration you'll be left with a natural appearance. After all you're using your own hair. The results are virtually undetectable after having an eyebrow restoration. The issues you're sure to run into is ensuring to get a clinic that is using state-of-the-art follicular unit transplantation. Anything less than the newest technology means you are putting your procedures at risk.

Eyebrow Restoration Popular Among Both Men And Women

In the mid 90′s eyebrow restoration was popular among female stars. By the late 90′s the process was available to well off ladies. Today the process is affordable to everyone. According to industry leaders there in addition has been an increase in the quantity of men that are choosing eyebrow restoration.

For full information about eyebrow restoration check out Virginia Surgical Center’s website. For the decade they've been considered the business frontrunner in hair transplantation.

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