Good News For Folks Suffering With Sciatica

If you or someone you know is suffering with the low back dis-ease “sciatica?” then you know how distressing and even enfeebling this condition can be. Apart from the uneasiness and discomfort that is felt in the low back, which is bad enough by itself, you are also experiencing some kind of symptoms in 1 or both of your lower extreme areas (any region between the buttocks down to the toes). These symptoms range from pins and needles, insensibility to numerous sensations of pain all experienced in the gluteus muscles, back of the thighs, calf area, ankle, sole of the foot or the toes.

You’re probably wondering what is causing the pain and what to do about it. The precise cause may be different from case to case but in a nutshell sciatica comes from some variety of nerve damage. It might be a direct compression of the nerve (trapped nerve) but quite often it isn’t compressed, instead it is stretched, twisted or sheared by a defect of the backbone.

Most individuals will seek out help from their GP and are generally given analgesic treatments and if this does not work wait for a physiotherapy referral. But when you suffer with sciatica your best decision is probably to head straight out for your local chiropractor as an alternative. Unlike a GP who must “generalise” in a selection of disease processes a doctor of chiropractic specialises in diseases of the backbone and is thus more likely to help you find the fastest way to resolve your sciatica.

There’s a growing body of evidence that chiropractic doctors are highly effective at resolving both acute and prolonged sciatica with some studies pointing to 80-90% success rates. In addition to this there are no side-effects with chiropractic therapy like there are with drug treatment, steroid injections or surgical interventions. For example up to date information has shown that epidural injections frequently given to deal with the pain of sciatica may improve your chances of spinal fracture through your life.

If you are suffering with sciatica then seek out help as soon as you can, because the earlier you deal with the problem the easier it will be to cure.

Peter Olsson qualified as a doctor of chiropractic in 2005 and has gone on to specialise in the resolution of sciatica. He works with over one hundred of people suffering with sciatica each week. You’ll be able to find many great articles about sciatica on his internet site.

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