24 Day Advocare Challenge – Good Cleanse And Extra Energy

I’ve just finished the 24 Day Advocare Challenge and it was an interesting experience. Within the 1st ten days I missing 6 pounds and was really energized. I believed for sure I’d reduce even more within the next Fourteen days. The facts are that I gained back again three pounds. So was some of the pounds lost in the first ten days water weight? I think it might have been. Still I really enjoyed the cleanse phase and experienced really clean and healthy after consuming the fiber drinks. They are not bad in case you add enough water and I found these easy to drink. Besides you get herbal tablets at night including a probiotic in the morning. This phase alone will be worth the effort. You drink Spark that is a caffeinated drink. It doesn’t make you jittery which is nearly like drinking a cup of coffee. I usually would have a single cup of coffee and another cup of tea a day so drinking Spark twice each day was almost about the same. But on day 11 and also 12 I sensed a bit too caffeinated. This was simply because on those times you start taking the MNS supplement which also has as much caffeine as two cups of coffee. So by that time I was literally ingesting the equivalent of 4 cups of coffee a day. And so i backed off for the Spark and only had Spark just before breakfast.

On day eleven additionally you start drinking the proteins meal replacement shake. That helped me kind of nauseous at first. It made my stomach gurgle and caused a bit of bloating. In reality all the fiber I took in the 1st 10 days did not do this to me. So you will discover something in the protein shakes that triggers some people to have problems. I think it is the crystalline fructose that some people react badly to. What I did like about taking the MNS tablets was how I did not feel hungry for most of the day. Only at night did I start to get a little starving. Usually the appetite suppressant in the tablets appeared to work fairly well.

Two things you might want to order along with this challenge pack is a bottle of AdvoCare Catalyst by AdvoCare reduce fat in addition to retain muscle and ThermoPlus TM. I got both of these combined with Spark, MNS and Protein drinks. And thankfully this overall program comes with a small guide that will help you keep track of everything you are doing. I will say it especially allowed me to keep track of how much water I was drinking.

So was this program worth the cost? I feel it was specially since the cleanse worked so well. I will surely do the cleanse again and get that separately. I also feel the MNS pills assist me to eat less and keep me on track for eating healthy foods. Less cravings for bad carbohydrate food. As long as carbohydrate food go this plan emphasizes complex carbohydrates in order to eat things like whole wheat bread, brown rice and oatmeal. You may also snack on low-fat cheese, yogurt and fruit. Things I stayed away from for most of the program included sugars, fried food, processed food and soda. So basically you are not eating plenty of simple carbohydrates. This program explained myself to eat much more healthy.

If you do like carbohydrates you should buy Advocare Carb Ease. You can take it once a day.

The things I loved most about the whole process is the cleanse and also catalyst products.

So, just how much did I really lose in around three weeks? Well I got on the scale now and I would lost a total of three pounds on the whole 24 days. Which is really a healthy way to lose weight at about a pound a week. I’ll continue on with the MNS and eating healthy and find out what happens next. So to me this complete 24 Day Challenge Advocare program sets you up for a healthier lifestyle. For that it is really worth the price.

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